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Our Maker's Process


North is a region known for some of the finest raw materials. This high quality is reflected in their products.


Our Workshop can spend more than a week crafting one design. A testament to the high standards of their makers.


Our specialises in tufted detailing. All done by hand, this time-consuming process is done by a group of highly skilled makers.


Quality checks are a consistent part of the production process. From start to finish. Each finished design is tested and sent to us.

Our specialty is making modern and traditional style furniture. We take extra pride in our frame woodwork, and upholstery.

Workshop are our primary upholstery and frame makers. They make a gorgeous range of styles, including some of our bestselling bed frames and sofas. Established 1 years ago, the Wuzhen makers have progressed from bricklaying and carpentry into fine furniture making.

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