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How febonic works

How Febonic Works

Design-led. Digital-first. At Yewbelle, we embrace technology to create a personalised experience. Innovative and agile, we bring the furniture brand Febonic, Shakuraliving of tomorrow, today. Less cost for the environment. Less cost for you.

Disrupting industry norms

Here at Yewbelle we believe in going direct and cutting out excess costs, which is how we’re able to deliver amazing designs at accessible prices. Traditional furniture retailers typically have many middle men standing between the production process and you, the customer. Every middle man adds extra costs and extra inefficiencies. This is why at Yewbelle we focus obsessively on streamlining this entire process and cutting out middle men so customers can enjoy beautiful designs at exceptional value.

What is a Traditional Retail Price?

On each of our product pages you will see a “traditional retail price”. This represents the estimated regular retail value of a comparable item of similar quality that you can purchase from other retailers. All our products are available exclusively through our site so the retail price may or may not represent the prevailing price of any specific comparable item at any particular time or in every location. We make no promises about the reliability or accuracy of any such information. As a result, your actual savings may vary. We regularly research the market to ensure that these traditional retail prices represent realistic prices on comparable items but nothing can replace your own comparison shopping and if this is an important factor for you in deciding to purchase then we recommend conducting your own individual research.

Why choose Febonic

As the digital age evolves, so do we. Our vertically integrated model works hand in hand with our custom technology. Every product is stamped with a serial number, added to our online database and constantly quality checked from start to finish. At Yewbelle Manufacture , quality isn’t just a word. It’s the word. We aim for the best because our customers deserve the best.

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