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Febonic Design

Our Design Process

Technology, creativity and inspiration are three core values we embed in every Brosa product. We make it simple to express your personal style at home with unique, stylish products. Our customers are design-forward, so our design process reflects that. After all, we aim to please.


The world is a window of opportunity and inspiration. To source the best materials and textures, we travelled across the globe - from Europe to India and China to name a few. Throughout our journeys we discovered expert craftsmen who, like us, yearned to create products with detailed dedication. Learn more about us here.


Ordinary is out, extraordinary is in. We start with a basic concept, an idea with potential to grow into a product. We then ask: what will the product look like? How will customers use the product? We consider three factors during conceptualisation: our original vision, the needs of the customers and of course, what our data tells us. Setting the right market price is the icing on the cake.


Practice makes perfect. At Brosa, we don’t just prototype every product. We quality check at every stage from concept to completion. Each product has a unique serial number that helps us track its progress. Brosa is proud to have it’s own in-house team of Quality Checkers, who pay attention to every tiny detail. If it’s not perfect, it’s back to the drawing board. We believe going this extra mile turns new customers into lifelong brand-advocates.


Our products go beyond looking stylish - it needs to solve problems. Whether woodwork, frame construction or upholstering, we bring you the best by working with the best. Learn more about where we source our materials in the Workshop section.

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